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Music Makers Saxophone Lessons

Benefits of Playing The Saxophone

Beyond the pleasure of it, playing the Saxophone is a lot more than just having a good time. Some studies across Canada and other countries suggest that playing the Saxophone can help with:

  • Increases your awareness of your sound
  • Helps to expand your sound palette
  • You become more autonomous and independent
  • increase lung capacity
  • Build confidence
  • Increase motor control
  • Develops your endurance
  • Help some cases of Asthma

Enjoy all the benefits of playing the Saxophone.

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John Coltrane

Greatest Players

  • John Coltrane
  • Clarence Clemons
  • John Helliwell
  • Charlie Parker
  • Sonny Rollins
  • Wayne Shorter
  • Lester Young
  • Joe Henderson
  • Cannonball Adderley
  • Stan Getz
  • Ornate Coleman
  • Rahsaan Rolland Kirk



Most saxophones were, and still are, made of brass. Interestingly they are considered to be part of the woodwind instruments. Also the sound is produced by an oscillating wood reed, not the player’s lips against a mouthpiece as in a brass instrument.

Other materials were unsuccessfully tried.

Mouthpiece and Reed

The saxophone uses a single-reed mouthpiece similar to that of the clarinet. Generally is made from plastic, bronze, surgical steel or vulcanized rubber, sometimes called hard rubber or ebonite.

Most saxophonists use reeds made from Arundo donax cane, but since the 20th century some have also been made of fibreglass

Saxophone Parts


Invented in 1846 by the Belgian Adolphe Sax, the Saxophone belongs to the family of woodwind instruments. He wanted to create the most powerful and vocal series of instruments, which has the most adaptive of the brass and to fill the vacant middle ground between the two sections.

After 1866, when the patent expired, a great number of improvements were made by other instrument makers. The first major change was made by a Frenchman who extended the bell and added an extra key to extend the range downwards.

The Saxophone gain popularity when start to be used in military bands and classical music. The next expansion was in early 20th century with the Jazz and Popular music became mainstream.

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