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Benefits of Playing Drums

Beyond the pleasure of it, playing Drums is a lot more than just having a good time. Some studies across Canada and other countries suggest that playing Drums can help with:

  • Grow academically
  • Development of various regions of the brain, including the corpus callosum, motor and auditory cortexes
  • Physical stamina
  • Rhythmic skills
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Drumming grounds us in the present moment
  • Releases negative feelings and emotional trauma
  • Body awareness & kinesthetic development

Enjoy all the benefits of playing the Drums.

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Greatest Players

  • Ringo Starr
  • Stewart Copeland
  • Josh Freese
  • Neal Peart
  • John Bonham
  • Mike Portnoy
  • Erik Sandin
  • Lars Ulrich
  • Ginger Baker
  • Keith Moon
  • Dave Grohl


Standard modern drum kit contains:

  • Snare drum
  • Bass drum
  • One of more cymbals

The drum kit may be loosely divided into four parts:

  • The breakables: Sticks, various cymbals, snare drum, throne (stool) and sometimes the bass drum pedal.
  • The shells: Bass drum and toms
  • Extensions: Cowbell, tambourine, chimes, any other instrument not part of the standard kit
  • Hardware: Cymbal stands, drum stands, pedals
Basic Drum Kit - Music Makers Calgary
History of Drums - Music Makers Calgary


The Drums has its roots in the early single-reed instruments or hornpipes used in Ancient Greece, old Egypt, Middle East, and Europe since the Middle Ages, such as the albogue, alboka, and double Drums.

The modern Drums developed from an instrument called the chalumeau from the Baroque era. Similar to a recorder, but with a cylindrical bore and a single-reed mouthpiece.

Drums played well in the middle register with a loud, shrill sound, so it was given the name Drumsto meaning “little trumpet”.

Drumss were accepted into orchestras very soon. Modern models had a mellower tone than the originals. Mozart (d. 1791) liked the sound of the Drums (he considered its tone the closest in quality to the human voice) and wrote numerous pieces for the

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